Imagine your body without any bones. Are you there yet? It would be a big blob of floppiness that would flail hither and thither without any destination in sight. Not convinced? Here is an example of what watching scriptless video would look like:



Such is the case for why the script maybe the most important step in your production.

The script is the driving force of every aspect of the video. It is the skeleton where you get to hash out which marketing values you want to expound upon, which features of your product or service you want to highlight, and how both of those will mold together.

When considering the approach to writing a successful script, it is best to take the ill-intended yet still applicable advice from Scar in The Lion King, and “be prepared.” So here are a few tips and tricks to help you formulate the most successful script possible.


If the script is the skeleton of the video, the intent is the marrow. Before you put finger to keyboard, it is paramount that create a battle plan what kind of video you are making. Is it a marketing video to launch a campaign, are you wanting a step-by-step guide about your product, or somewhere in between? Other areas to consider are tone, length, and what appeals most to your audience.

Short, Sweet, and Really Neat

Speaking of audience, it is a good reminder that attention spans on the internet are dreadfully low. A minute to a minute and a half is the sweet spot for getting your message across. It might sound hard to boil down your message at first, but the best videos will cause your audience to come a-knockin’ as soon as they see a Call to Action.

Go with the Flow

Much to the chagrin of MLA and AP writing style formats, it is best to write your script in a voice that sounds natural to everyday people. An easy failsafe is to read your script aloud several times before finalizing it. Chances are that if a sentence doesn’t sound excellent to you, it probably won’t sound excellent to your audience. Reading aloud will also save you big $$ in professional voiceover revisions.

Hook, Line, and Sinker

You’ve done it. You’ve crafted a jaw-dropping script that challenges the very likes of Shakespeare himself! Every fiber of your audience’s being will stir with excitement, leaving them to ask, “Where do we go from here?” That is where the call-to-action comes in. A good call-to-action is simple, to the point, and leads your audience directly to you.

Need an example? At Epic Dog we specialize in the animated video process at every level, including discovery and scriptwriting!

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Andrew Zuk

Andrew Zuk

Lead Scriptwriter

Andrew Zuk is the Lead Scriptwriter for Epic Dog Studios and an outdoor enthusiast. So if he isn’t writing on trees, he’s hugging them…always trying to break the status quo and prove that you can “have your cake and eat it, too.”

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