You’ve made a video, put it on your landing page, and emailed it to your leads – but you’re not seeing that 80 percent conversion boost you’ve heard so much about. Why not?

One all-too-common reason for this is that you’re using the wrong video in the wrong place – or using the same video over and over again, instead of creating a separate video optimized for each stage of your conversion funnel.

Here’s how to figure out which video goes with which stage – and which points each video needs to hit.

Interest stage: cast a wide, sparkly net

We see far too many brands focus all their video content up here, at the very top of the funnel – but the truth is, only about 15 percent of your content should be targeted at top-level leads. Viewers at this stage won’t know much about your solution – or about what kind of culture you have. That’s why the interest stage is the perfect place to show off light hearted interviews, eye-catching commercials, and any other content that grabs viewers from the word “go.”

Learning stage: strut your stuff

Now that your viewers are curious to learn more, they’re in a perfect state of mind to discover just how helpful your products and services can be. It’s still important to keep your videos short and sweet at this stage – but quick product demos, webinar excerpts, and even little how-to clips can all show off just how easy your solutions are. At this stage, prospects should be starting to picture how their lives might be a little bit better if they just followed those few simple steps.

Evaluation stage: prove your popularity

The learning and evaluation stages are closely intertwined – because, as your prospects get a clearer sense of how easy your solution is to use, they’ll naturally ask how other customers feel about it. That’s why the evaluation stage is the ideal place to feature customer testimonial videos, case studies, and – if you’re really on the ball – even personalized reviews from people in the prospect’s own social network.

Justification stage: answer questions

You’ve made it this far and held onto your prospect’s attention every step of the way. Now all that’s left is to calm that final bit of nervousness, by laying common objections to rest. If prospects tend to express concern about your price point, feature a video demonstrating the explosion of added value they’ll unlock by purchasing it. If they’re worried about support, feature a short interview with your super-friendly staff. Now clicking that “buy” button will seem like the simplest thing in the world.

Nurturing stage: keep showing you care

Just because your customer has made a purchase doesn’t mean their journey with you is over! Keep sending your customers helpful instructional videos, check-ins (“How has your first week been?”) or even highlight reels from community meetups. The more your customers feel connected with you, the more likely they’ll be to refer even more business your way.

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Ben Thomas

Ben Thomas is the author of several books, producer of a range of documentaries, and a globe-trotting journalist covering culture, history and science.

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