How to Use Videos to Show Off Your Business’s Human Side

You’re just as human as your customers are. Your company is built on specific principles, to help people with specific problems – but do your leads have any idea how much you truly care about the products and services you provide?

When done right, company culture videos can serve as powerful tools for showing off the personal side of your business and connecting with your customers in warmer, friendlier ways than plain old text could ever achieve. What’s more, younger consumers have made their interest in positive company values extremely clear. 43 percent of millennials say they value authenticity above snazzy content – and a full 75 percent say they prefer to do business with brands that give back to society.

Here are some tips for creating videos that’ll help your customers understand the values your brand stands for; and realize, “Oh, hey – they’re people just like me!”

Start with a clear purpose

Every day, your audience sees lots of faceless corporate brands trying to masquerade as fun, hip companies – and they’re very good at seeing right through that act. That’s not to say that a big brand can’t be fun and hip – it’s more about the fact that their content clearly comes from a marketing committee, rather than from the heart.

If you really want to connect with your customers, the first step is to connect with your company’s core purpose. If your purpose is meaningful, and the people at your company genuinely feel it, then everything else will flow naturally from those values.

Let the honesty flow

We’ve all seen those cheesy corporate training videos where actors (clearly working off a script) talk about how much they love working for the company. The problem with these videos isn’t just the cheesiness, though – it’s the implication that management didn’t trust their employees to say something positive about the company, without the aid of a script.

Ditch the stock footage and staged interviews. Catch your employees on the job, and ask them candid questions. You might be surprised – not only at how positive their responses are but at the new ideas these conversations generate. Who knows; you might just come up with a brand-new slogan along the way!

Keep it simple and direct

Your customers don’t expect you to direct a big-budget blockbuster. In fact, the more you try to stretch your technical capabilities, the more likely it is that the final product won’t turn out quite the way you’d hoped. The best bet is to make a short, easy-to-understand video, whose message will stick with viewers because it resonates with their values.

Depending on what, exactly, you need to show off, you may not even need a camera crew at all! A growing number of companies are turning to animated videos, which can be even more eye-catching than live-action ones – and can incorporate cool stuff like infographics, too.

In the end, the best way to show off your brand’s human side is simply to admit that you’re human. You don’t have unlimited money or a staff of super-geniuses – just a mission to make the world a little bit better than it was yesterday. Make that clear, and your customers will get the message.

Ben Thomas

Ben Thomas is the author of several books, producer of a range of documentaries, and a globe-trotting journalist covering culture, history and science.

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