Shoosh. Everyone’s doing video these days, huh? It’s a tricky thing, figuring out how to captivate your audience through video. Everyone’s doing it because video works, from a marketing standpoint.

We talk a lot about how video can increase viewership and engagement versus similar content in a text-based format. Looks like visuals are the black.

Terrible joke.

Anyway, all the statistics floating around support making video. We’ve already spent some time talking about this, if you want to give it more of a look.

You might already be thinking of ideas for your next (or first!) video. Maybe you’re thinking of a video you saw recently that you want to emulate. Regardless of where you are in the video process, you know that you want people to actually watch your video.

Videos take time, they take money, and you want to see some return on that–we get it. So what can you do to hook your customers? What’s the trick to making a sticky video that people like to watch and even share with their friends and coworkers?

The First Trick to Making a Captivating Video is…

Hope you’re sitting down for this one…. The first trick to making something your customers will actually watch is to make something that your customers can actually watch.

Yes. Simply by having a video, people are more likely to watch. It’s so simple that you probably rolled your eyes but here this out.

Watching a product video makes 57% of consumers more confident about the product. When it comes to bringing a product and its features to life, 71% of consumers say video is the best way to do it.

Over half of your audience (52%) is willing to spend more time on your website if you have video.





So the first way to put a video together that your customers actually want to watch is to…simply put that video together. It’s what consumers are telling you they want.

It kinda’ feels like those days in elementary school when your teacher would give you enough points to pass the test, simply for putting your name on there. Classic.

(Thanks, Miss Honey)

Anyway, that’s not especially helpful, is it? That doesn’t help you figure out what to actually put in there. Watching a video is different than sharing a video and engaging with a video. For that, we turn to a new concept (no eyerolls needed).

Lessons Vs. Leisure: Striking a Balance


If you aren’t familiar with the word, you can probably guess the parent words that were bred together to get this fun little phrase.

Information + entertainment = Infotainment. (There’s a quiz on this formula later, but as long as you put your name on it, you’ll pass).

Infotainment is a great way to keep people engaged. Nailing your mix of information and entertainment lets you bring a product to life, build or establish your brand’s personality and voice, and turn prospects into customers.

Finding the right mix of information and entertainment is not a simple Google search away (although googling “perfect recipe for video infotainment” will return a video result titled “5 Leftover Rotisserie Chicken Recipes.” So…not a total waste of time if you have an old, evenly-cooked bird lying around your apartment).

There’s no ancient formula scribbled in the margins of an old, dusty alchemy tomb that once belonged to the Half-Blood Prince (happy belated 20th, HP).

Finding the infotainment sweet spot is a scary tightrope to walk. Lean too much to the “info” side and you fall into the pit of boring. Lean too much to the “entertainment” side and you fall into the pit of “what’s the point?” Both pits spell doom, especially with the return of the newest season of Game of Thrones on everyone’s mind.

One possible solution is to turn to storytelling. The ancient art has been used to convey messages, advice, and warnings since the dawn of storytelling-humanity.

A quick tip to keep in mind: make sure your story has a point.

Lasting stories are great because they suck people in, they engage them, and they leave them with a lesson learned. You can tell your own story. Or you can tell someone else’s story (a satisfied customer’s, perhaps?). Stories can even let you tell people things they wouldn’t want to hear. It’s like putting your dog’s medicine in a spoonful of peanut butter so she eats it–then everyone walks away feeling better!

How to Present Your Story in a Way That Stands Out–Tying it Together

Now that you’re ready to tell your company story or explain how your service and products work, an old-fashioned talking-head video might not cut it…An obscene amount of video is uploaded every minute across all the big social media channels.

But using animation can make a huge difference.

All of a sudden you have complete control over the tone of the video. The colors, the shapes, the characters involved–all of these can be changed to fit the style that makes the most sense for your video.

Whether it’s dogs flying airplanes or beep-boops building snorworts (these don’t actually exist…see the power?!), it’s more interesting than seeing another guy in a suit with some swanky office backdrop.

To unlock the infotainment secret, look to your favorite stories. Own what makes you different. Tell that story to your customers. Take advantage of the flexibility of animation. You’re not stuck in reality–There is no spoon!

If you want to see how an animated video could unlock the true power of the stories you have to tell, Epic Dog Studios can help! Reach out–it’s free!

Elliott Regan

Plain ol’ Elliott Regan is a psychology fan, a writing man, and a member of a rock n’ roll ban…d. A triple threat in the loosest sense of the phrase, he likes to write about what makes people tick and what makes their screens flick. Apparently, he has a thing for rhymes. He’s ghosted pieces for a best-selling author whose byline appears in top-tier publications–but that’s a story he’ll only tell ‘round the campfire…

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