Sales Videos

Working in the sales industry can be challenging. Any good sales relationship comes down to trust. A personal connection with a client is one of the best ways to convince the person to trust you and your product. How do you connect with your prospects? While we cannot always fly around the globe for face-to-face interactions, it is possible to work your magic through an effective sales video.

People Love Videos

The play button is one of the easiest things to click on and it has become a large part of the lives for many people. Serving up effective content in the form of a video is one of the easiest ways to bring in new clients. According to Forbes, 65% of people will visit a marketer’s website after watching a sales video somewhere else. Videos are persuasive enough to not only peak a person’s interest, but to push them through the sales funnel to obtain more information.

Video Is Scalable

As salespeople, we want to find ways to related to the audience and to get them to respond to the videos. Unlike sales calls, the videos allow you to quickly send the message without calling the person constantly. A simple video allows you to summarize your entire message in a clear and precise manner. This of a video like a sales rep that never sleeps as they are always around to represent your business.

Video Leaves a Lasting Impression

Video is persuasive for businesses as it does leave an impression on customers. Psychologically people are prone to respond to movement and we react emotionally through body language. When a potential lead watches a video, they are able to connect with you on a different level compared to a simple phone call or email. People will look at your face and will be able to quickly assess credibility.

We have found that recording a thank-you video is one of the most effective ways to build a successful relationship with your clients. When someone signs on as a client, simply sending them a personalized thank-you video shows them you are genuine and want to work with them.

Video is a powerful tool that does create an emotional response and has been proven to be an effective way to make a connection with your target audience. To learn more about sales videos and why you need to consider using them to expand your brand, contact EPIG DOG today at 801-900-3648!

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