Do you want customers to trust your brand? It’s time to start producing quality videos for your organization. Creating effective videos is not easy, so leave it to the professionals at EPIC DOG to help you create compelling videos. Videos now appear in the search engine results and 90% of customers will click on a video compared to a typical text and image search engine result.

Product Videos Leads to More Sales

If you want to see your sales increase, you need product videos. Product videos are designed to demonstrate how a product works. Think of them like the paper manual that you send out with your products, only with a 90 second video. While we do create longer videos when needed, we find the shorter product videos to be more effective in helping customers to make their final decision. In fact, 73% of customers surveyed said they will purchase a product after watching a product video.

Video Saves Time and Money

Most consumers feel a video will explain a product better than an in-person demonstration or a phone call. When a consumer feels they completely understand how a product works, they are more likely to purchase it and recommend it to their network. Answering questions with quality content is what video production is all about.

Product Videos Avoid Confusion

When a buyer watches a product video, they are less likely to be confused on how to use a product. As you can imagine, a customer is happier when they are not surprised or confused when the product arrives. Happy customers not only translate to a better reputation, they keep your bottom line in the green as they are less likely to return products.

Visit our Portfolio to see examples of our work. If you would like more information, call us toll-free at 801-900-3648.

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