When it comes to creating effective, conversion-worthy video we’re not keen on wasting your time — or your customers’ time — and for good reason.

That’s because according to a Visible Measures study of over 40 million short-form videos less than five minutes in length, research indicated roughly 20 percent of viewers abandoned a clip within the first 10 seconds. And while that may not sound all that surprising when you consider attentions spans aren’t nearly what they used to be, it’s important to note the rate at which abandonment increases as time marches on (33 percent abandonment at 30 seconds; 44 percent at 60 seconds).

All this is just our metric-driven way of telling you that if you want to keep customers and prospects engaged long enough to connect with your sales team, you need to hook ‘em right out of the gate to make sure they stick around for the entire message.

The Game is Changing, You Need to Change With It

In the olden days (but really, not that long ago) sales reps generally conducted business face-to-face. They’d set up a meeting with a prospect, asked open-ended questions to identify pain points and then sold them on the product benefits based on the information they received.

Thanks to video marketing, companies have the power to reach prospects anytime, anywhere — without having to dispatch reps to perform demos and answer questions in person. What we’ve sacrificed in handshakes and face-to-face meetings, we’ve more than made up for with convenience and accessibility. Naturally, the biggest difference between the old and the new approach is the fact that you no longer have the benefit of conversation to help you close deals. Instead of relying on customers to tell you what they need, with video, it’s now up to you to show them what you can offer and you’ve got to do it quick.

To accomplish this effectively, start by referring to your existing marketing materials or website. Chances are you’ve probably already got a handful of active and engaging sentences or catch phrases that effectively communicate customer dilemmas, as well as the benefits of your solution. You may need to make some adjustments to generate the right flow, but you’ll learn the value of keeping things short and to the point, lest you become another “10-second-or-less” abandonment statistic.

The goal here is to identify with what’s affecting their business (costs, complicated processes, difficulties with a pipeline, etc.) before transitioning into how your product can fix it. If your solution benefits multiple business segments or departments, consider creating multiple videos tailored to each segment rather than cramming it all in one long video. Ultimately, you’ll see an increase in viewer retention which leads to greater overall sales and that’s a win for everyone. Of course, if you’re still unclear as to how to structure your next video demo, our crack squad of producers and project managers would be more than happy to assist you.

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Steven Cwik

Steven Cwik


Steven has written nearly 800 minutes of video content for a wide range of diverse organizations across multiple industries.

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