Video Makes an Impact

Video marketing and storytelling are here to stay and Epic Dog Studios has the experience you need to increase your non-profits visibility and donor rates. We find that using video in non-profits allows us to help these organizations connect with their community and improves outreach efforts. There are multiple options available for non-profit video marketing, here are some of the ones we recommend.


Using videos to tell a story is an effective way to emotionally engage a donor. Videos can be distributed through social platforms and shared via email to a donor base. Visually appealing videos with quality content will reach individuals in a way that you cannot. Videos will tap into real emotions, which is typically the core marketing niche for non-profits. Tapping into a donor’s emotion brings a positive response to build credibility and strengthen the overall message of the non-profit.


A major part of effective marketing is branding your business. Using video marketing allows you to tell stories and present them in a way that is compelling and best represents your brand. Non-profits are unique the organizations are typically designed to help other people, animals, or causes. Using these individuals in videos builds trust and reaches out to people in a unique and informative way. Epic Dog Studios will aid in creating compelling content, producing a quality video, and ensuring it meets your brand expectations.


Using short videos, you can explain difficult topics and stories to your core audience. The microlearning videos are great for non-profits that need to educate a group of people and to aid in overall outreach efforts. Microlearning is beneficial as it can be done at any time of the day or night, making them convenient to the donor base.

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