Brand Story Videos

Can you pitch your brand in 60 seconds? We can! People will always remember a great story over an email or boring marketing pitch. A brand story video is designed to provide your customers with the best user experience for your customers. Why do you need brand story videos? Here are some of the top reasons why EPIC DOG recommends incorporating them into your branding message:

  • Clear explanation of what your company does and why its exists
  • Professional presentation of the team and why they come to work every day
  • The reason you market your unique products and how they help make someone’s life easier
  • Why people love to work with your company
  • What makes your employees happy and what makes your company a great place to work
  • A marketing pitch without sounding too sales-y

Making Your Story Stand Out

Brand story videos are designed to prioritize customers and teach them how you will solve their problems. Brand stories give your company a chance to shine and give your customer a different way to interact with your brand. Our design team will show your brand by telling its story. We think of ourselves in the mindset of your customers and find key elements of your organization that need to be highlighted.

Building Brand Story Videos

Never put out a video that does not clearly and professionally represent your brand. At EPIC DOG, we know what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to branding messages. We want to spend time focusing on the key elements of your brand, but we don’t want the entire video to be about your company. We want to highlight the amazing people working for your company and how your entire team and products will make your customers lives easier.

Creativity and Storytelling Combined

We always go the extra mile. Our content writers create compelling scripts and tell a story with our branding videos. We consider how the video will be viewed on mobile devices in addition to traditional computers. Customers have a short attention span and we have the resources and tools available to grab their attention and demonstrate the importance of your brand.

We want to tell your story. For more information about a company introduction video, call EPIC DOG today at 801-900-3648!

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