Ok, so your company is stuck in the technological dark ages and you are itching to bring some colorful and fun video into the mix. You may have heard through the grapevine that video is the future, but how are you going to convince your boss to add in a video element? Wouldn’t it be nice if you had 5 beautiful reasons as to why video is the bee’s knees? (We’ve got you covered)

Video will hook em’

Why? Because with a video, your customers can see your product in action. With a video, you can SHOW how your product works and why your product or software is the best out there. According to a Koozai blog post by James Perrin, 80% of people remember the videos they see online. And that’s a big percentage. This probably has a lot to do with the fact that video is better at building an emotional connection, and is more of a full-sensory experience.

Fancy a conversation? Video can make that happen.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so imagine how helpful videos are at delivering a message. There’s no better way to get the conversation going than with a video. Plus, as an added bonus, videos increase SEO. Search engines are beginning to use videos as a way to determine what content is relevant for internet searchers. A Vidyard blog post explains that adding a video to your website makes your company’s chances of appearing on Google’s front page 53x more likely . Want people to start talking about your product? Try implementing video.

Today, a goldfish’s attention span is the standard (even less)

People today have an average attention span of 8 seconds. Goldfish are believed to have an attention span of 9 seconds. Raise your hand if you would rather sit back, maybe grab a snack, and watch a fun video instead of reading a big block of text. Ya, us too. A video is a great way to say a lot in a quick and engaging way. Video can make even the most complex of products easy-to-understand for your customers. In fact, Koozai’s blog post explains that videos can increase people’s understanding of a product by 74%.

Extra extra! Read Watch all about it

Videos can educate your consumers on the latest and greatest that your company has to offer. Not only that, but Koozai’s blog post states that 65% of viewers visit the marketer’s website after watching a video. Video is a quick and powerful way to SHOW your customers what you have to offer. Another reason video is so powerful in connecting with your audience is color. Have you ever noticed how blue has a calming affect? Or, maybe red gets you fired up? That’s the stuff we’re talking about. Different colors draw different emotions. So, a colorful video has a powerful way of resonating with your customers, and communicating your brand identity.

Visual learners in the house

Shout out to all of our visual learners out there! Hubspot explains that our brains process visuals at lighting speed – 60,000 times faster than text. The majority of our sensory receptors are in our eyes, so it makes “sense” that video is a great way to grab and retain attention.

So, if your company does something awesome, show your customers. Let video work its magic in your engagement and outreach. Need help convincing your boss of the awesomeness that is video? Let us take a stab at it! Contact us today!


Hayley Delamare

Hayley Delamare

Production Coach

“Meet Hayley. Not only a Production Coach, but also a to-do-list enthusiast and former scriptwriter. Before Epic Dog, she worked as a marketing specialist for an LA-based Pilates chain, and a project manager and editor for a video production company. 

Other interests include: All dogs (especially her puppy, Simba), art museums, movie nights with her husband, and exploring fun places along the coast.”


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