We reached out to hundreds of marketing agencies and software companies and asked if they used explainer videos. Then we asked to judge them. Here are the videos we considered the best of the best.

Of course, we didn’t pick our winners on a whim–we put criteria in place to hold every video submission to the same judgment standards. Below, you’ll find the criteria. Below that, you’ll find the winner’s list.

Judging Criteria

Clarity of Message
The video needed to communicate its message in a direct and easy-to-understand way. The more coherent and lucid the message, the higher the score.
Visual Design
Composition, color scheme, flow, scene-to-scene transitions–this criterion looked at the thoughtfulness behind (and execution of) the visual design elements at work in the video.
This criterion looked at the tone, wording, and pacing in the video. Participants were judged on how well these elements enhanced the message and branding of their submission.
Quality of Craft
Video is a blend of creativity and technical know-how, and criterion #5 was all about technical know-how. How well did the team execute on the technical side of their video production?
Uniqueness of Concept
Ho’ boy, there’s a lot of video being made these days! This criterion is simple and keeps the “clutter” in mind: did the video stand out? Or did it look like everything else?
Overall Experience
A video has the power to be greater than its parts. This criterion looked at the video as a whole, combining all the elements at work, and judging the submission in terms of the “big picture.”

All video submissions were judged using the criteria listed above. The submissions came in droves, but we were still able to narrow down the list.


Without further ado, here are the Top 10 video submissions…

10. ClipChamp – The Clipchamp team have been working since 2014 on developing unique, proprietary technology to bring video to the internet. Clipchamp’s innovative video compression approach, inbuilt privacy, and browser-based video converter and webcam recorder have served millions of users around the world. http://clipchamp.com.

The reasons we choose them – Direct, simple, concise, entertaining, funny. Sets up the problem and provides a solution.

9. Crowdlight / Kudrone (Customer) – Crowdlight is an innovative marketing agency serving companies, startups, and SMEs of all sizes to tap into the power of the crowd via Reg CF equity crowdfunding. https://www.facebook.com/crowdlight/

Why we choose them – Feel captures the energy of the product. Exciting. Clearly describes features and shows functionality.

8. ExecVision – Their call & speech analytics software provides insight into critical business conversations, unlocking the value hidden inside call recordings to make coaching and effective. ExecVision provides visibility into the conversations that are happening every day throughout organizations, giving way to a new set of business analytics – Conversation Insights. http://execvision.io

Why we choose them – Crisp animations, engaging audio, sets up the problem well and hooks the viewer to learn more.  **Disclaimer – Epic Dog Studios made this video.  Our judges didn’t know that. **

7. Brainscape – Brainscape’s online flashcards app applies decades of cognitive science research to make studying as efficient as humanly possible. http://brainscape.com

Why we chose them – Engaging content that does a good job of educating the viewer on product functionality.

6. Sigstr – They are email signature marketing. Every business in the world runs an employee email system. Drive real marketing ROI via the email signature. http://sigstr.com

Why we chose them – Beautiful animations, great color scheme. Simple message that stays with the viewer.

5. Kindful – Kindful is Fundraising + Donor Database software, built for growing nonprofits. It integrates with best-in-class online tools – for events, email marketing, accounting, auctions and lots more. http://kindful.com

Why we chose them – Simple, direct, great use of screenshots. Doesn’t try to be too fancy.

4. Tilofy – Tilofy’s state of the art trend forecasting platform inspires and stimulates the imagination of innovators, leaders, futurists, consumer insight professionals, and marketers. http://tilofy.com

Why we chose them – Complex topic clearly explained without going into too much detail. Keeps it simple, short, effective. Style effectively matches the tone of the brand.

3. 15Five – 15Five is on a mission to bring out the best in people at work. 15Five is a full performance management suite that allows you to hear the heartbeat of your organization in real-time. http://15five.com

Why we chose them – Beautiful illustrations combined with fluid animations keep the audience engaged.

2. Lucky Orange – The Original All-in-One Conversion Optimization Suite. http://luckyorange.com

Why we chose them – Excellent use of audio elements to bring the animation to life. Camera movements keep the pace of the video from feeling slow.

And finally, last but not least, the winner…

1. Taiga – Free. Open Source. Simple to use. Taiga is a project management platform for agile developers & designers and project managers who want a beautiful tool that makes work truly enjoyable. http://taiga.io

Why we chose them – Creative visual design, particularly with the scene to scene transitions. Visuals help to simplify a complex idea in a concise way.

It wasn’t easy to whittle down the submission list to so few entrants…so we included some runner-ups as well. What’s a contest without honorable mentions? (No contest we’d want to hold, that’s for sure!)


A big “thank you” to everyone who participated in our Top 10 Explainer Video Contest. It’s way more fun when we receive boatloads of good content (like we did for this contest). Congratulations to the teams that ranked!

We look forward to seeing more great content from everyone in the future.

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